10 reasons to visit Dubai in 2024

10 reasons to visit Dubai in 2024

Dubai, an astonishing metropolis of wonder, attracts travelers from around the globe with its blend of modernity, luxury, and rich cultural traditions. No matter your interests – thrill-seeking, shopping, or culture- this exotic locale provides something special. Let’s discuss why visiting it might make the trip worth your while in 2024!

Tallest Building in the World

Not satisfied by seeing just one tall building? Head down to the marina for some additional viewing – four out of the five tallest resident buildings are there before heading towards Burj al-Arab for that iconic experience!

Outdoor Adventure

Dubai provides plenty of opportunities for active exploration outdoors, from desert safaris and dune bashing camel riding and sandboarding near Dubai’s Hatta region to hiking or mountain biking tours in stunning landscapes such as rugged mountains, valleys, and trails through rugged rocky terrain.

Dubai stands out as an attraction, with the Arabian Desert as one of its major draws, offering various activities in and around it. Most first-time visitors opt for jeep safaris where you dune baste in a 4×4, ride dirt bikes through its dunes, or even try out sandboarding are popular activities here.

Shopping Attractions

A great reason for visiting Dubai would be for shopping enthusiasts. Dubai hosts the world’s largest mall – The Dubai Mall boasts more than 1,200 retail stores, two department stores, and 200 eateries and is packed with attractions! There’s so much going on here that you’re bound to have an adventuresome trip ahead.

Attractions available here for families to visit include an underwater zoo and aquarium in Dubai, as well as over 600 shops available at the Mall of Emirates, including an entertainment center and cinema.

Dubai Beaches

Enjoy over one thousand kilometers of pristine sandy shoreline! Some of our most beloved beaches include Lemur Beach – known for watersports and dining opportunities- and Amster Queen Beach, which leads up to Burj al-Arab. Furthermore, swimming can be found along these two popular strands and we also feature numerous luxurious beachfront resorts that provide exclusive access to private beaches with world-class amenities; spa services provide ultimate relaxation; and other activities provide hours of entertainment!

The Food

Dubai’s food scene reflects its diverse population, featuring both traditional Emirati cuisine and international flavors. You’ll find traditional Emirati dishes like mac boos or indulge in Arabic appetizers such as hummus or falafel for something tasty to snack on during a visit here, not forgetting its coastal location, which provides fresh seafood options like grilled prawns, lobster tails, or various forms of fish preparations!

The Art

Dubai is known as the modern art and design capital of the Middle East for good reason, boasting some of the finest artistic spaces on Earth, such as the Al Sacal Avenue Art District, which began life as warehouse spaces but now spans 5 million square feet with art, food, fashion, music, cultural events & food retail stalls! Additionally, the Dubai Design District offers design, fashion, art music, cultural events & food retail shops, along with over 5,00,000 square feet dedicated solely to design, fashion, art & culture! Also in Dubai lies its biggest fountain display – one more reason to visit than art galleries is found here!

One of the most breathtaking attractions to be found in downtown Dubai is its Dubai Fountains – an intricate fountain system located within an artificial lake that performs incredible light and water shows synced to music every half-hour from 6 pm until 11 pm each evening. Don’t miss it: don’t miss this incredible spectacle.

Dubai Hotels

Hotels can be one of the main draws of visiting this incredible city and we recommend the Shangri-La Hotel located downtown with breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa as our top recommendation for this budget option.


People come to Dubai because it offers stunning attractions. Being centrally located means taking day or weekend trips easily from Dubai, such as to Abu Dhabi’s incredible mosques and historical buildings. Ferrari World is nearby, with the world’s longest zip line!

Your family could stop at Wadi Adventure Park or kayak on Hatta Lake to experience Dubai at its best, whether that means visiting Miracle Gardens, Ski Dubai, Aquarium Deep Dive Dubai, Sukks Global Village for some global village shopping, Legoland by Dubai Creek museums, or numerous worlds of adventure attractions!


Dubai is an extremely safe city with a low crime rate. Residents and visitors are generally treated hospitably, while Dubai also abides by stringent laws and regulations to help maintain public safety.


Dubai provides many ways for visitors to get around. From using its excellent metro system and hiring taxis in Dubai’s main strip – which I did frequently and affordably – to car rental options or using public transit in general, Dubai provides numerous means of travel within its boundaries. Plus, there’s the metro, which boasts two lines.

At Last!

Dubai is here at last! Boasting luxury, adventure, and cultural richness all rolled into one place, Dubai promises an extraordinary travel experience for every visitor in 2024. Be it thrill-seeking in the desert sand dunes, shopping at luxurious malls, or enjoying delicious cuisine; Dubai will leave an indelible mark on any traveler who visits this Middle Eastern gem! Pack up and embark on this extraordinary voyage today. Get ready for one incredible Middle Eastern journey.


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