11 Must-Do Activities for the Ultimate European Journey

11 Must-Do Activities for the Ultimate European Journey

A trip to Europe is on everyone’s bucket list and to make this incredible dream of yours come true with ease and adventure like the way you have dreamt we have an amazing guide for your ultimate European Journey. This list is so much fun while reading it will take you straight to the mountains and fields of Europe. So let’s get started!

Soothing Lavender Fields

Start your trip with a relaxing and exciting view of lavender fields that will blow your mind. The pleasing contrast of the blooming lavenders with the bright sky makes this view more epic and smells so good. The one thing to keep in mind is that the blooming duration depends on the height of the field and the weather conditions.

Oldest Town Sassi di Matera

Visiting Europe is incomplete without exploring the old cities, the historic architecture is the main attraction that gives a vintage vibe to the city. This city is located in the Basilicata region of southern Italy, what makes it interesting is that it is the oldest human-occupied city in the world. The unique architecture of the city features houses, caves, and buildings built into the rock of the deep valley.

Hiking At Madeira Levada

The picture-perfect series of hiking passages take us to Madeira Island’s array of irrigating channels. The purpose of building this place was to supply water from the mountains to solve agricultural purposes and now it’s a visitor’s paradise. Exploring this unique island you will find the most beautiful and sub-tropical islands. Taking this adventurous trail you will also discover stunning views from Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo which are the top 2 of 3 top peaks on the island. Enjoy the trail that offers a mind-blowing view of clouds often surrounding the mountains making you feel the top of the world.

Rail Through Switzerland

If you have Europe on your bucket list then this must be on it! Yes, this is the most fun part of your trip to Europe. All you have to do is sit, relax, and just keep your eyes open because they will be getting a treat to watch which will be an exclusive experience. If someone is visiting during winter then the frozen beauty of the lakes, mountains, and valleys is all covered up in a blanket spreading calmness all over. Whereas in summer you will enjoy passing by the waterfalls gushing down into the dense green valleys. You can choose to go on an open-air carriage also from the high landscape to Mt Pilatus summit, the fresh air from the mountains when reaches your face as travel through the steep and rocky mountains.

Neuschwanstein Castle In Bavaria, Germany

This is the top attraction in Germany that is on everyone’s checklist while visiting there. This castle gives you the exact feel of the one we see in movies and this one is even better as it’s the real one. You will be amazed to know that the inspiration of sleeping beauty is taken from this castle only. So don’t delay in reserving your ticket in advance as they sell out quickly. Surrounded by the lush green field this castle is a treat to both eyes and soul as it makes you think about the lifestyle of emperors of that time.

Road Trip Via Nature

The unmatched beauty of Ireland comprises all-natural plus man-made wonders like sea cliffs, beaches, ancient buildings, and local pubs, which is a complete package for a trip. Coming to the road trip you can go through the wild Atlantic route which is along the western coast of Ireland. And this will gonna be the most majestic road trip in the world. This is a long route of 1,550 miles which is from Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal to Kinsale in Cork, which is the world’s longest coastal drive.

Swim Through Tectonic Plates

Here comes the exciting part of your European trip, Snorkeling the Silfra Fissure in Iceland! This activity is on everyone’s bucket list it gives exposure to marine life. Diving through the crystal clear water of tectonic plates between North America and Europe gives an overwhelming experience that everyone should try to have.

Winters In Finland

Your dream of visiting the Arctic Circle is about to come true. The most accessible Arctic region is the northeast of Finland, Ruka. Here you will experience short days with frequent sunrises and sunsets, and the ultimate experience of dark nights makes the trip even more exciting. An overnight stay at the glass igloo hotels in Finland to witness the light wizards in the sky is the main attraction of the trip.

The Ancient City of York, England

The city has a very different aura which offers historical buildings, museums, and a different but very popular tea culture, Betty’s tea room is famous for this. Besides these, walking by the historic Roman walls of the city will let you know these are connected by the four gatehouses that will take you straight to the times of war.

Glacier Hike In Iceland

The jaw-dropping natural beauty of Iceland is quite difficult to put into words. The snow-covered landscape, a stunning view of lava rocks, natural hot springs, and lofty glaciers all make Iceland a very iconic and breathtaking attraction among tourists. If you plan to visit Iceland around November then you will be surprised to see the magnificent golden lighting all day long and the various pattern of sunsets.

Adventurous Zip-Riding in North Wales

Here is the other adventurous thing to do in Europe which is the Velocity 2 Zipline in Wales, the fastest world. The Zipline is around 1 mile long and reaches a speed of 120mph. Experiencing this, you will feel like a bird flying high in the sky giving the adventure new form. Wales has 4 locations for Velocity 2 Zipline, which is a part of Velocity World, which means you can opt for the location according to your convenience.

Wrapping UP!!

So now you know what is waiting for you on the trip to Europe. Pack your bags and just be ready to experience the fun and excitement that you have been dreaming of on your trip to Europe. Hope this guide will help you with the destinations you select for proper planning and execution you can reach out to Blueberry Travels as they can form a customized itinerary that goes well with your preferences. 

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