Armenia Tours From Dubai: A Complete Guide

Armenia Tours From Dubai: A Complete Guide

Welcome, tourists! Are you considering visiting Armenia for the first time? Look no further. Here is an exhaustive guide that offers tour packages to Armenia from Dubai that ensure an incredible travel experience.

Armenia is well known for its breathtaking scenery and welcoming people, drawing tourists with their own distinctive flavor. Spanning from Yerevan to Lake Sevan, this South Caucasus gem offers tourists breathtaking landscapes as well as cultural treasures aplenty. Here we delve deeper by taking a closer look at these remarkable Armenian cities that deserve inclusion on any tour package to Armenia.

Let the Adventure Begin!

As we embark on this amazing journey together, let us do so full of anticipation, knowing there are surprises in store. On your arrival day from Dubai to Armenia, you have an entire day ahead to plan how best to use this day of exploration. For instance, once you complete check-in procedures, you could travel on foot through Yerevan, exploring its rich culture, cuisine, and history, or take time to meander across it to fully take in its beauty, such as experiencing Republic Square with all of its bustles yet tranquil beauty when strolling its streets, and take time to meander across it to fully experience its splendor while admiring its charm when visiting!


Dilijan, also referred to as Armenia’s Switzerland,” is an ideal location if you seek peace and beauty in nature. Encompassing verdant scenery including lakes, meadows, forests, and densely wooded areas – Dilijan offers hiking and horseback riding as excellent outdoor pursuits; explore history through beautifully preserved wooden buildings of Old Town Dilijan; enjoy hiking or horseback riding as great outdoor sports – Dilijan makes the ideal retreat town when selecting vacation packages in Armenia!

Sevanavank and Lake Sevan

Sevanavank Monastery offers a beautiful setting for Armenia and the Caucasus region’s largest freshwater body: Lake Sevan. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Sevan is like an exquisite jewel. Sevan is a popular summer vacation spot due to its beaches and aquatic attractions, while Sevanavank Monastery stands on top of a hill, giving an amazing panoramic view. If your trip includes Armenia this winter season, be sure to include Sevanavank as part of your itinerary for Armenian travel plans. Be sure that this stunning setting for Lake Sevan is also included, as it’s not far off!

Khor Virap

Visitors to Khor Virapalitat never fail to be impressed by its amazing monastery set against Mount Ararat’s breathtaking background. St. Gregory remained illuminated for thirteen years thanks to Monestry Prison, well worth seeing with its underground prison tours that may prove challenging due to steepness but can easily be overcome if necessary via climbing up. Since it served as St. Gregory’s headquarters for converting Armenia to Christianity, its significance and beauty cannot be understated; offering peace and calmness away from the bustle of city life while offering amazing city views from nearby Monestry Prison interior tours can help do this.

Areni Winery

As one of the oldest wine-producing regions, this location can offer unique experiences and should definitely be part of any Armenian package from Dubai. On your winery tour, you may learn about wine-making techniques while experiencing wine tasting – cheese and lavash pairings make this session truly exciting!


Armenia’s third-biggest city and gateway to its northern regions is nestled within Lori Province and is well known for its verdant surroundings, clean waterways, and flourishing arts and cultural scene. The home of impressive local and international art collections is housed at the Vanadzor Fine Arts Museum, while the Vanadzor Botanical Garden features numerous plant species, providing nature lovers with an oasis of calmness.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Armenia is an extraordinary blend of culture, heritage, natural environment, and historical legacy, drawing people in from across the globe for tourism purposes. Each city in Armenia provides something different; spirituality, art, history, or outdoor pursuits will provide unforgettable memories as you discover these fascinating cities that coexist harmoniously between modernity and tradition. Let’s Pack

Dubai offers several packages to Armenia that you should select as the most reliable and suitable. Your Armenia travel package can be personalized according to your interests while remembering that it offers an engaging travel experience featuring history, culture, and natural splendor that has something for everyone.


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