Discover the 10 Most Captivating Islands of Italy

Discover the 10 Most Captivating Islands of Italy

Italy is an awesome holiday destination, no doubt about it. Delicious food, breathtaking views, and many popular cities to visit. But did you know that there are hundreds of islands around Italy that are really amazing? There is a long list of things to do on these islands. Let’s explore them one by one and discover their unexplored glories!


Capri is a super famous Italian island that a lot of people visit. It has fancy hotels, cool shops with designer clothes, and nice restaurants. You can also see some amazing stuff in nature, like beautiful scenery, cool boats, and a pretty blue ocean. If you are going there, you should see the Blue Grotto, which is a cool sea cave you can visit on a boat tour. If you want to take some awesome photos and witness some amazing views of the ocean, you should explore Mount Solaro.


Ischia has everything from beautiful beaches to old-themed town vibes with crowded streets and the medieval Aragonese Castle. And, do you know, what’s the best part? You can chill, forget your worries, and enjoy hot springs and thermal spas. Also, there are a few wineries in Panza or Serrara Fontana where you can take a tour to taste a variety of wines. In the end, if you don’t want to miss any of the island’s best parts, hop on a boat tour.


Ortigia Island in Syracuse is a small and beautiful place with lots of historical landmarks and stunning views. Because of its exciting Greek history, it is recognized by UNESCO. The Neapolis Archaeological Park is a must-visit destination, and it has the most massive Greek theatre in Sicily. You’ll also find many amazing local restaurants and sundecks scattered around the island, where you can chill and enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset over the sea.


Sardinia is an awesome holiday destination with numerous white-sand beaches, cool restaurants, and historical landmarks. It is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, so you can expect loads of sunshine and some of the best-looking beaches in Europe with crystal-clear waters and hidden-away coves. Foodies will love Sardinia too! The island has some top-notch restaurants where you can try delicious meat and fresh seafood.


Giglio’s destination is on the coast of Tuscany. It is one of the largest islands in the Tuscany group. This beautiful destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea covers the most beautiful white sand beaches and clear oceans, which are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving to discover the island’s amazing aquatic life. Also, you will find a variety of amazing local restaurants to have a bite at and enjoy a drink with an incredible ocean view and a sunset.


Are you excited to explore the Pantelleria of Sicily? It is a new go-to tourist destination that is close to Tunisia. That’s right! The island contains outstanding natural spa pools, delicious food, and lots of lakes that are perfect for wild swimming. It is also a top location for diving and snorkeling under a crystal-clear sea, and plenty of marine life is waiting to be found beneath the surface.


Ponza is a lovely place and a popular holiday destination for Italians and other tourists to visit. It is just an approximate three-hour trip from Rome and is situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea. You will witness colorful houses in the hills dominating a dramatic coastline, caves, and the blue sea. There are several things to see and do, which include water sports such as snorkeling and sailing. The crowded Ponza harbor is a great place to explore too. Many restaurants and bars may excite you, where you can watch the sunset over the water with a cocktail in hand.


Lipari is a pretty cool holiday spot for chilling and enjoying. It has a vibe and lots of natural beauty, historic sights, and great restaurants where you can try some delicious local meals. Also, Lipari’s old town is very fascinating and should be on the list of must-visits, including the castle, Marina Corta Square, and Saint Bartholomew Cathedral. The whole group of islands is made up of seven volcanic islands with amazing beaches and hiking trails. So, let’s get exploring!


Elba is the biggest and most unexplored of all the Tuscan islands. Here, you will find stunning beaches, and the marine life under the clear waters is pretty exotic and rich. Apart from the beautiful beaches, Elba has some really interesting historical landmarks. Some landmarks are connected to Napoleon’s home. If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, then you would love Elba for sure, as there are some mountain biking and hiking trails to explore.


Levanzo is a beautiful little island near Sicily. It is the perfect place for a chill on an Italian beach vacation in the Mediterranean Sea. The best part is that you won’t have to fight for a spot! The island is pretty relaxed and peaceful. Levanzo has many caves, including the most popular one, the Grotta del Genovese. You can witness ancient cave paintings and carvings from the age of the Upper Palaeolithic. It is a pretty unique experience!

Explore the Islands Of Italy

Discover a variety of beautiful Italian islands with unique experiences, including ancient landmarks, pristine beaches, and delicious local meals. With the world’s best beaches, including white-sand beaches and high-end hotels, consider an off-shore Italian adventure for your next trip.


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