Explore Europe: Top Solo Travel Destinations in 2024

Explore Europe: Top Solo Travel Destinations in 2024

Europe is an awesome spot for solo travel destinations on your vacations. It does not just have some seriously charming cities, but it is also super safe for solo adventurers.

You will find tons of breathtaking spots that are perfect, no matter how you like to travel. Looking for culture-packed urban jungles, stunning countryside views, or gorgeous beaches? Europe has everything in every aspect! 

Durbuy, Belgium

If you are flying solo and looking for a cool spot to explore, Durbuy in Belgium should totally be on your list! Adventure Valley is a great place for thrill enthusiasts, providing a lot of activities such as kayaking and cycling. 

Not so into adrenaline? No worries! Just take a relaxed walk through the charming streets and capture the scenic views at your own speed. Grab a bite at any of the cozy cafes—they seriously serve some delicious food. Don’t forget to ride on the cute little train tour to catch more breathtaking landscapes from a comfy seat. Super safe and easy to get around, Durbuy is an awesome getaway from all the hustle and bustle!

Florence, Italy

Florence is brimming with history, art, and culture, but do not let that stop you from visiting as a couple—there is plenty here for everyone! There are many amazing landmarks in the city, such as the Florence Cathedral. Stunning does not even begin to cover it. 

Plus, when it is sunny out, there is nothing like wandering through those lush gardens on your own. It is a pretty compact city too; you can truly unwind at your own pace here. Oh, and if you are into good food, Florentine food will rock your world.

Lisbon, Portugal

If traveling solo makes you a bit anxious about safety—especially for the ladies traveling solo—you might want to check out Lisbon. It ranks up there as one of Europe’s safest big cities!

Bonus points: because of its growing popularity among backpackers and digital nomads (cheers to being wallet-friendly!), the scene here includes cool hostels everywhere plus lively bars and nightlife that will make socializing super easy.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is rocking it as a top spot in Europe these days! It is all about cozy vibes, yummy pastries, and Instagram-worthy spots. Super safe and perfect for solo travelers, getting around Copenhagen is easy to discover since everything is within walking distance. 

Looking to chill out on your next city break? This place could be just what you need. Imagine yourself strolling between bakeries and snug cafes, enjoying the local goodies, or exploring the colorful vibrance of Nyhavn waterfront. You can consider taking a boat tour or renting a bike to travel around the area.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is also a fabulous choice for exploring the road alone in Europe. This city will let you dive into the world-famous architecture, cool neighborhoods, buzzing nightlife, and delicious tapas. 

Of course, there are a lot of tourists there, but sometimes it is fun to wander from the typical tourist attractions! With its awesome mix of beaches, bustling city vibes, and an incredible museum scene, Barcelona promises loads of fun stuff to discover.

Budapest, Hungary

Hey, did you know Budapest has been attracting all kinds of travelers over the last decade? It is not just any old European city; it is super affordable. 

Its reasonability makes it one of the best tourist attractions for solo travelers, who are watching their wallets. This city has loads of cool spots to check out and tons of unique neighborhoods; you will never run out of places or things to see or do.

London, United Kingdom

If you are up for traveling solo, London is a playground for you! The museums? Free! Going around? Jump on the iconic double-decker bus and capture the sights. 

There is always something new happening here, especially with the food scene—tons of fresh bakeries and booming vegan spots are all part of its lively vibe. And let us not forget about exploring some bars and clubs where bachelors light up the nightlife.

Vienna, Austria

If you are an enthusiast of impressionist art, this city is going to grab your attention! You could travel through countless museums for days on end. Are you thinking about a cultural meal that travels to multiple countries? 

Honestly, you cannot do better than the central European trio of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. They are perfect for solo travel—three incredible cities with their own unique vibes, and they are just a train ride apart!

Europe is Calling its Discovery…

Wandering solo for the first time might seem scary, but if there is one continent to go to, it has to be Europe. It is like an overflowing treasure of history and culture. Blueberry Travel helps you explore every European city, which offers a ton of chances to dive deep into learning, personal growth, and self-discovery as you travel around with us.


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