Guide to 10 Best Breakfast Places in Dubai

Guide to 10 Best Breakfast Places in Dubai

Dubai is amazing – not only due to the tall buildings but also because of the delicious breakfast options you can find there! Dubai boasts international foodie delights so starting each morning off right sets an incredible foundation for any trip!

Blueberry Travel understands Dubai well, and today we are sharing the top breakfast locations throughout its neighborhoods.

Best Breakfasts in Dubai

Start each morning right and discover some of Dubai’s Best Breakfasts. Breakfast means delicious foods like coffee, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, and pancakes – and our list isn’t only focused on what they serve in terms of cuisine but also the atmosphere and best dishes available there!

Dubai: Top Ten Breakfast Spots

Amongst Few

At Amongst Few, not only can you enjoy delicious food but also fashionable clothing at one location! From breakfast options and coffee beverages to hearty dishes and treats for brunch – there’s something here for every customer at Amongst Few!

Arabian Tea House Cafe

Arabian Tea House Cafe’s cozy setting invites guests to discover traditional Arabic cuisine without breaking their budgets – from delicious dishes such as balaleet to indulgent sweet treats like tandoori bread. Every bite embodies Old Dubai’s vibrant culinary legacy!

Atlantis The Royal 

At Atlantis, The Royal, top chefs create an unparalleled culinary experience for you to enjoy. Choose between an all-day buffet or la carte delights; these all-day dining services have you covered for each and every one! As you sip on exquisite coffee beverages or delight yourself with croissants, mezze, and specialty coffee drinks… relax into an elegant ambiance as you experience Atlantis The Royal’s dining options.


Bebek brings authentic Turkish cuisine into an inviting space, from Menemen and Turkish tea to succulent sucuk with halloumi. Every bite offers an experience worth remembering!

Cafe Gray

Cafe Gray brings Britain to your breakfast table with its charming ambiance and diverse international menu, serving classic British fare such as smoked salmon or expanding your palate with choices like Shakshouka or Khachapuri from around the globe. Plus, its inviting environment makes this an ideal location for an enjoyable morning breakfast experience!


At Amaya, enjoy stunning views of Burj Khalifa while feasting on an indulgent breakfast menu featuring Eggs Benedict, Grilled Halloumi, and Shakshouka – ideal for families seeking an unforgettable breakfast experience! Amaya provides a pleasant ambiance as well as kid-friendly activities, ensuring every visit here will leave an enduring memory!


Cucina offers an authentic Italian dining experience through rustic sharing-style dining. Delight in delectable pastries, mouthwatering pizzas, and refreshing cocktails prepared with culinary expertise at this Italian eatery and make lasting memories!

The Irish Village 

Experience Irish hospitality and taste traditional Irish dishes right in Dubai’s heart at The Irish Village! Savour hearty fish cakes and battered calamari while taking part in some authentic Irish culture during breakfast in an inviting ambiance.


Woodfire offers an inviting space where guests can enjoy delicious cuisine prepared over an open flame, from salted cod and chorizo stew to 11’s big burger and more! Gather with loved ones and soak up its inviting ambiance – you won’t be sorry you did.

Bistro Des Arts

Bring Paris right to Dubai at Bistro Des Arts with their classic French cuisine prepared with care and dedication – from fluffy croissants to hearty eggs Benedict! Relax among their rustic French decor while experiencing French flavors right within Dubai itself.

Dubai as Your Foodie Destination

Are you hungry in Dubai? Need help planning your trip for your upcoming holidays? Blueberry Travel covers all your dining and holiday planning needs from tours to delectable breakfasts!


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