Latest ETA System Update by the Government

Latest ETA System Update by the Government

Starting in January 2024, the Government of Kenya will be removing all the visa requirements for all foreigners entering or travelling in the country. Its purpose is to promote open tourism and attract foreign investment.

As per the government, the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system will replace the prior visa requirement. This means that foreign travellers going to and from the country will no longer be bound to carry a visa. Till now, 4046 ETA applications out of 9787 submitted on the official website ( ) have been processed. The remaining are under process on a priority basis. 

The ETA has been introduced with the motto of curating a reliable and speedy system that also pays attention to the country’s security and strategic goals.

Previously, only citizens of 51 countries had the right to travel in Kenya without a visa, while other nations had to pay an application fee of $50. Four key ways in which ETA has significantly altered the travel and transit experience for foreign nationals visiting Kenya are as follows:

Equality and Lower Fees.

All foreign nationals, except for citizens of the East African Community (EAC), will now have the same entry requirements along with necessary payments, regardless of their country of origin. To ensure equality and fairness, the ETA charge is $30 for everyone.

Advance Passengers Information.

Earlier, travellers from 51 countries were not obliged to fill out any forms with personal travel information. As a result, there was no way to gather information for crucial planning about infrastructure, insurance requirements, and security. Now, the government has decided to maintain extensive data on every visitor through ETA, which will greatly enhance the capacity to guarantee the security and welfare of both tourists and residents.

Reduced Processing Time. 

With the help of the ETA system, the application process has become quicker and easier. Previously, citizens from the 12 listed countries had to wait approximately 14 days before their visa application had been processed. This category now has a much shorter waiting period, with a maximum of 72 hours.

Dedicated ETA Desk. 

According to the Government of Kenya, they have added a 24-hour service centre specifically for ETA to provide a flawless experience. This will guarantee that clients receive exceptional service at all times, regardless of the hour. It will also account for the many time zones found throughout the globe. 

In the end, the government has ensured that they will keep reviewing and improving the ETA system to make sure it meets the needs of their clients and upholds the mission to make Kenya a destination of choice for travellers and investments. 

Gavin Palsin

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