Exciting Activities to Explore in Dubai This Weekend (March)

Exciting Activities to Explore in Dubai This Weekend (March)

Say hello to the place where the exciting activities to explore in Dubai this weekend (March) never goes off! Welcome to Dubai!

As March arrives and brings vibrant colors, Dubai welcomes you to an exciting journey filled with fun and adventure. You have a lot of options, whether you want thrilling activities, exploring culture, or simply relaxing. Dubai provides many attractions this week, from iconic spots to lesser-known gems. Get excited for an eventful adventure filled with moments you won’t soon forget!

So, check your calendar, get excited, and get ready for a thrilling time in Dubai this March!

Happening Events in Dubai This Weekend

Dubai this March!

Have you ever noticed how some things that happened before are the ones we remember the most? It’s true, right? If you’ve experienced something special, it’s worth sharing with others! Dubai has lots of exciting activities planned for the weekends in March, so get ready to create some wonderful memories during your vacation.

Get ready for some new adventures by joining in on the events happening in Dubai this March!

Imaginary Art Show

The Imaginary Art Show is a special event happening at Krisotata Restaurant in Dubai this weekend. Here, you can see amazing artwork while enjoying yummy food. This restaurant is different because it mixes food and art in a cool way.

At the Imaginary Art Show, you’ll see beautiful art that will make you feel strong emotions. From weird landscapes to creative designs, these artworks take you to different worlds and make you think creatively.

The restaurant is nicely decorated with soft lights and nice music, making it a perfect place to enjoy art and food. Don’t miss the Imaginary Art Show at Krasota Restaurant this Saturday and Sunday nights in March 2024. It’s going to be awesome!

Mind2Mind: Connected

Prepare for an amazing show happening right here in Dubai! Mind2Mind: Connected is a show you won’t forget. James Harrington and Marina Liani are incredibly talented and have wowed audiences all over the world with their amazing acts! They’ve even been on famous TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, where they won big awards!

This show lasts 75 minutes and will leave you amazed! Watch James and Marina as they read minds and take you on an emotional journey. It’s suitable for people aged 12 and up, so it’s great for families and anyone who loves mind reading!

Comedy Sohour with Hisham Haddad & Amal Taleb

Looking for a fun night in Dubai in March 2024? Come to the Comedy Sohour with Hisham Haddad & Amal Taleb at Al Sultan Majlis in the Garden Lawn of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel. These comedians will make you laugh through humorous life stories.

They know just how to set the perfect atmosphere for an entertaining night of comedy. Get your tickets now for this unforgettable experience at Hisham Haddad & Amal Taleb’s Comedy Sohour. Don’t miss this unique event, and savor every second!

Masha & the Bear Live in Coca-Cola Arena

Are you excited for a special adventure in Dubai this weekend? You can watch “Masha & the Bear” live at Coca-Cola Arena in March! This amazing show brings Masha and her bear friend to life like never before. Join Masha as they go on an exciting journey through the forest and on a global train adventure.

On their trip, they meet fun characters like Panda, Tiger, and Penguin! Together, they learn important lessons about friendship, dreams, and hope. With its delightful songs, colorful costumes, and entertaining performances, people of all ages will love this show! So, gather your family and friends, and get ready for a fun world filled with imagination and catchy songs! Don’t miss this heartwarming story that everyone will adore!

Things to Do in Dubai This Weekend

Things to Do in Dubai

Why are we so happy when the weekend is near? Because it’s a great time to relax after a long week of work. At the same time, this weekend is also filled with hope that this next one will be even better than ever! Dubai provides the ideal atmosphere to unwind from daily stressors. With plenty of exciting things to do throughout Dubai, you are sure to make this weekend extra memorable.

Feeling tired? Want to relax while staying full of energy? Why not join these weekend activities in Dubai to rejuvenate yourself:

Magical Global Village

The word “global” means worldwide. Global Village fits perfectly with its name because it brings together more than 90 different cultures from all over the world in one place. Global Village Dubai needs to have this global vibe because it offers tasty food and drinks from many countries, unique jewelry from Spain, traditional clothes from Morocco, sweet honey from Yemen, and exciting performances and rides from around the world. And don’t miss the amazing fireworks at night!

Expo City Dubai

Expos are engaging events because they present an opportunity to learn, have fun, and grow. Expo City Dubai honors both the past and the future by showcasing innovative concepts. While some might perceive Expo City Dubai to be solely catering to older adults, children, as well as seniors, can attend. Don’t miss this exciting activities to explore in Dubai this weekend with your family; add Expo City Dubai to your itinerary of things to do.

End Your Week With Thrills And Memories!

When you ask us about Dubai, we’ll say it’s perfection. Dubai is full of beautiful moments and gives people a special feeling when they visit. Going to Dubai often brings happiness, like a small bit of joy we always want. Just a few calls away, and you can have the best vacation ever!

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