July Getaways From Mountains To Seas In Europe

July Getaways From Mountains To Seas In Europe

Are you fantasizing about getting away from the mundane and immersing yourself in a European getaway? Why not break away from the typical beach vacation and embrace the inviting July sunshine this year? This July, choose to embrace “and” instead of just “or.”

We’re taking you on a European journey that includes climbing tall mountains and dipping into the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. Europe reveals a variety of terrains, with snowy mountains offering adventures and sunny beaches with clear blue waters and golden beaches. Prepare to discover a continent full of summer enchantment, from flower-covered meadows in the Alps to the white beaches of Santorini.

Buckle up, as this blog contains all you need for July vacations. Get ready to take on the mountains and seas in Europe this July by bringing along your hiking boots and swimsuit!

Alpine Adventures in Switzerland: Zermatt

Zermatt, arranged underneath the famous Matterhorn, gives outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike a perfect play area. Hotter temperatures in July make this place perfect for climbing, mountain biking, and climbing among breathtaking mountain scenes. Zermatt also has one of Switzerland’s premier ski zones, Matterhorn Glacier Heaven, which draws in avid winter skiers who prefer summer skiing over traditional season skiing. This makes Zermatt an excellent place for both adventure enthusiasts and nature enthusiasts to spend their vacation.

Must-Do Activities

  • Hike the Five Lakes Walk: A scenic hiking route will lead you past five stunning mountain lakes featuring reflections of the Matterhorn.
  • Ride the Gornergrat Railway: Experience breathtaking mountain peaks as you climb to Gornergrat and appreciate its astounding view of 29 mountain peaks.
  • Visit the Matterhorn Museum: Explore the region’s rich heritage while uncovering mountaineering traditions and learning more about local traditions.

Coastal Charm in Italy: Cinque Terre

These picturesque Italian Riviera villages feature stunning coastal views, vividly-hued houses, and delicious seafood dishes. July brings ideal swimming weather, great for sunbathing and exploring charming streets in each village. Terraced vineyards and olive groves only add to their scenic charm; festivals provide insight into local traditions.

Must-Do Activities

  • Trek the Sentiero Azzurro: Explore five towns along this staggering coastal path and experience breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Boat Tour: Hop on a boat trip along the coast and check out hidden beaches with super clear water. You can even jump in for a swim or look at the underwater world with a snorkel!
  • Savour Local Cuisine: Treat yourself to delicious seafood, flavorful pesto pasta, and local wines at restaurants by the beach—it’ll be a meal you won’t forget!

Tranquil Retreat in Slovenia: Lake Bled

Lake Bled’s fairy-tale setting makes for a pure retreat in lush forests and the Julian Alps. Guests to Bled can take advantage of its warm waters in July for swimming or boating activities. Explore the picturesque trails and stunning viewpoints of Bled Island for further inspiration! It makes the ideal stopover among Slovenia’s breathtaking natural scenery!

Must Do Activities

  • Row to Bled Island: Take the rowboat or traditional Pletna Boat Tour and visit the Church of the Assumption while floating through Lake Bled!
  • Hike to Bled Castle: Situated on an amazing cliff high over Lake Bled, Bled Castle gives fabulous views and gives insight into Slovenia’s long history.
  • Relax at Lakeside: Swim the clear water or simply lounge around on its grassy shores to take in its scenic view!

Sun-Kissed Escape in Greece: Santorini

Santorini is a lovely island in Greece known for its shimmering white houses with shining blue church arches. The sunsets there are amazing! In July, the climate is warm and sunny, making it an awesome place to relax on the beach, explore ancient ruins, and enjoy fun parties at night. Meander through pleasant streets while indulging in delicious Greek food or taking in breathtaking vistas. Santorini promises an unforgettable summer getaway filled with beauty, culture, and relaxation!

Must Do Activities

  • Sunset in Oia: Witness one of the world’s famous sunsets while visiting Oia.
  • Experience Old Akrotiri: Visit Akrotiri’s well-preserved archeological location to gain an understanding of Minoan civilization from centuries past.
  • Unwind on the Beaches: Come enjoy the Red, Kamari, and Perissa beaches, where unique volcanic sands await your pleasure!

Enchanting Fjords in Norway: Geirangerfjord

The amazing Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, has incredibly blue water, super tall cliffs, and waterfalls that pour down like crazy. Guests appreciate gentle temperatures in July as daylight hours extend, perfect for outdoor activities. Boat tours provide close-up views of waterfalls like Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil. Adventurers may kayak peaceful waters or trek Skagefla trails for breathtaking panoramic views over Geirangerfjord and nearby mountains.

Must-do Activities

  • Fjord Cruise: Set sail on an incredible Fjord Cruise tour and see the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil waterfalls close up!
  • Kayaking: Pike fishing on a calm waterway for an exceptional perspective of your surroundings and wildlife.
  • Hike to Skagefla: A hike uphill will reward you with stunning fjord and mountain scenery.

Wrapping Up…

In July, Europe offers a variety of landscapes, from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean shorelines. Each has its own extraordinary appeal and things to do to make lasting memories.

If you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural discovery, these European trips offer the ideal summer getaway. July gives an extraordinary getaway from wonderful mountains to sparkling seas. Embark on the experience, experience the culture, and make exceptional recollections. Have a good trip!


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